Settling In and Getting Out

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Hi again. We’ve been busy with our homeschool which we’ve named Brilliance in Action. The Certificate of Enrollment I fill out each year asks for a name of our school. Last year, it was Haynes Homeschool Academy because I couldn’t be any more creative than that. This year, I’ve had time to think about who we are and what we do. My kids are brilliant, yes I am tooting my own horn here, and we like to stay moving – hence the name.

It’s been a fun time adjusting to our second year of homeschool. I’ve tinkered with the schedule more times than I dare admit. And, I think I finally have a good flow; which means I’m probably going to have to change it again in the very near future.. Since we started in late July in earnest (we do lessons all year, more on that later) we have worked through several chapters of Story of Our World Volume 2, Ninja Cat has blown through two Life of Fred books. They have read bits and pieces of several books (keeping them on track with reading is my next project) including The Magician’s Nephew, The Adventures of Robin Hood, and various non fiction. They also made it to Tenderfoot rank in Boy Scouts and are almost to Second Class.

One thing we did recently was get tickets to listen to Presidential candidate Ted Cruz speak in our city. I hoped this would be a great kick-off to learning about the Presidential election process up close and personal. I say we got tickets because we were unable to get into the venue despite our tickets. Our merry band was about 30 people from the front before we hear the venue was full.

Waiting for the Senator to get off the bus.
Waiting for the Senator to get off the bus.

 It disheartened me because I thought since we had tickets, we would be able to hear Senator Cruz. That was not the case. We were not alone. About 200 people behind me also weren’t able to access the appearance either.IMG_20150811_121131405 So my poor Ninja Cat didn’t understand why we stood out on the hot sun for an hour only to see a man get off a bus. But we’ve since watched the debates and have done an overview of the election process. I’m hoping Dr. Ben Carson comes and we are able to see him speak.

For our Field Trip Friday, we had the opportunity to take a tour of the newest Whole Foods Market that opened in Germantown, TN. I have to tell you it was an experience I would do again; and, I have actually.

The coffee/crepe/smoothie area in Whole Foods Market.
The coffee/crepe/smoothie area in Whole Foods Market.

The store was putting the finishing touches on for their Tuesday opening, allowing us to see the store’s layout, have samples and even a goody bag in a reusable tote. I think Danger Boy had more fun because it was a food-centric trip and Ninja Cat could not care less about such ‘trivial’ matters. Dede from the Franklin, TN marketing team was so great listening to Danger Boy and answering his questions.

Danger Boy and Dede. I'm so glad he had a good time!
Danger Boy and Dede. I’m so glad he had a good time!

My two were obviously the youngest there but she made sure to treat them just like any other customer. We’ve since been back multiple times and most recently took the Savvy Shopper tour. I guess that should be kept for another post.

IMG_20150814_111547864Thanks for taking time to read about our adventures. I’m interested in what other homeschool families do to keep active (read not staying stuck in the house all day). Comment below and maybe I’ll feature one or two.


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