Good Sunday friends and followers,

I’m loving taking a stab at this new venture with renewed passion. I hope to make this a place to read, discuss and maybe learn a thing or two.

Today, Sunday, is the day I do the majority of the planning for the week. The day usually goes:

  1. Church
  2. Lunch
  3. Relax
  4. Plan

I’m used to planning for the lessons of the week and what workouts I want to do. But now I’m finally including some meal planning in the process. My guys (DangerBoy and Sheepro) are 12 and they are boys. That means they eat whatever comes to hand, whether it’s healthy or not. I thought I had been doing a decent job of suggesting food choices until the day I saw Sheepro pop his THIRD bag of popcorn in one afternoon.

Sooo …

Here we have breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinners planned for the week:

Breakfasts –
M .. muffins/yogurt
T .. egg sandwiches
W .. cereal/Yogurt
R .. waffles/bacon
F .. grilled cheeses
Me … 4 egg whites with oatmeal

M … Grilled sandwiches
T .. chef salads
W .. leftovers
R .. hot dogs
F .. leftovers or salad
Me .. salad with 4-6 oz of tofu/tuna

Dinners –
M .. leftovers (Boy Scout Night)
T .. pork chops with noodles, green beans and salad
W .. spaghetti with corn and salad
R .. cod with corn and fries
F .. deer chili with corn muffins

Snacks –
Apple with protein shake or PB
Protein shake alone
Trail bars .. one/child/day
Popcorn .. one bag/child/day
Ramen … Same
Cookies … 2/child/day

Do I have lessons planned out? Not yet. A migraine can do things to a woman, after all. But they will get done – eventually. Likely the day of. But they don’t have to know that.

I do have a couple of things in mind for the blog. DangerBoy wants to be a chef for a career. So we’ll be doing cookbook reviews monthly. That and this TPfTW (The Plan for the Week) will be regular features, with more to come.


Thanks for hanging out in my loft.


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